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Indulge Skincare Bundle


Our beautiful Indulge Bundle contains a full skincare regime for both morning and night that will wrap your skin in some serious love, as you slow down to enjoy some self-care

-Pink Facial Exfoliant
-Facial Cleanser
-Superfood Toning Mist
-Intensive Eye Cream
-Sunrise Facial Cream
-Vitamin A Night Cream 

All skin types

Our beautiful Indulge Bundle is designed to help you slow down in the busyness of life and enjoy a moment of self-care just fo yourself. By incorporating these products into your skincare routine, you will be treating your skin to a non-stop vitamin infusion. All of our products have an abundance of organic fruit+plant extracts, which after regular use, will have your skin GLOWING. Every product in this bundle is suitable for all skin types, including mature, sensitive and oily skin. This bundle is the perfect way to truly care for your skin and for the planet, with most products also having refill options.

How to Use

Start with the Facial Cleanser to get rid of any dirt and grime. Then spray over the face with your Superfood Toning Mist to refine open pores + oils, while giving the skin an antioxidant boost. Follow this by applying your Intensive eye cream, to help reduce puffiness and dark circles + assist in reducing fine lines. Then finish this morning routine by applying your Sunrise Facial Cream to hydrate and nourish, keeping skin protected throughout the day.  

This routine is exactly the same as the morning routine, however finishing with your Vitamin A Night Cream instead, which is the ultimate nightly treatment to help hydrate and repair damaged skin cells while you sleep.

Pink Facial Exfoliant
This is an important product that is to be used 2-3 times a week, instead of the Facial cleansing step. It works to remove dead skin cells and promote new healthy skin to grow, which also makes room for all the other products to reach the deeper skin layers, therefore getting the most out of your skincare routine.