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Golden Brass Hand - Handcut to hold burning sage. Palo Santo burner, crystal and jewellery trinket holder, brass incense burner



A hand cut brass hold-all, this hand is perfect for holding jewellery, trinkets and crystals, palo santo sticks, both new and old and of course, incense sticks.

...D E T A I L S…

- Brass incense/palo santo holder
- Hand cut from 1mm thick golden brass
- 95mm x 60mm
- Hand finished with a matte brush look
- Can be used to hold jewellery and trinkets, crystals, bunches of sage, palo santo and incense.
- Coated in a clear wax to delay tarnishing

...C A R E & C R A F T M A N S H I P…
- This item is handmade, and as such there may be slight variations in the finished product
- Made using brass
- Handmade and finished with care in my little home studio in Torquay, AUS

...A B O U T...
Kirsty Lief is a range of simple and unique hand made homewares, created with minimalism and affordability in mind. These beautiful products are made from precious metals, and are a blend of classic everyday wear and on trend accessories, all with a minimal approach. Each piece from the range is designed, formed, soldered, polished and buffed by hand. 

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