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Chocolate Yang Tonic


This uplifting chocolate elixer offers a morning or afternoon pick me up for extra stimulation, stamina and a little power boost. We reccommend stirring in your favorite plant based milk and adding a dash of organic honey or rice malt syrup for a little sweetness.


Cacao, maca powder, cinnamon, cordyceps, astragalus


Known for its anti-oxidant, iron, magnesium and calcium rich qualities, cacao has been used for centuries by ancient Peruvians for energy and stamina. It is said to be a wonder herb for regulating our mood, as encourages the release of happy hormones such as seritonin. 


High in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, cinnamon has been used traditionally to circulate and warm meridian channels and strengthen defense mechanisms. In TCM it is a common ingrediant in formulas perscribed for patients experiencing cold or flu like symptoms. 

This herb is actually from Peru, but has a creamy earthy and vanilla flavour which belnds beautifully with cacao. It contains flavonoids, which are thought to improve mood and reduce anxiety. As a prized aphrodisiac maca can help stimulate libido, endurance and mood whilst also regulating hormonal function. 

Cordyceps is a magical mushroom (non hallucinative) that protects and nourishes our Kidneys and our essence or 'jing', reproductive systems and the sexual energy of men and women. This herb also has a Lung tonifying aspect which is said to settle chest issues such as cough and wheeze. As it is a Yang herb, it is great for endurance, stamina and longevity. From a western perspective this mushroom is used as an immune booster, to restore the respiratory system, for athlete performance and for sexual health.

This magical herb contains plant compounds that may enhance your immune system. You will find it in formulas that address strength, stamina, defensive qi and vitality. Its Yang lifting ability can assist with symptoms of fatigue, weakness, chronic non healing injuries and to build immune strength. Western medicine admires this herb for it's immune enhancing bacterial and virus fighting properties. With it's ability to increase blood flow it may assist with regulating the reproductive system as well as speeding up healing of wounds.


  • Energy
  • Stamina
  • Endurance
  • Immune strength
  • Afternoon chocolate replacment! 

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